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Global Content Protection is the new standard in online content anti-piracy.

Global Content Protection was founded by a former international producer and DJ, Ben Rush. The founder and CTO created the service based on the requirements of fellow producers who were having their livelihood destroyed by commercial piracy, but could neither afford the time or money for existing expensive anti-piracy services.

AudioLock was produced to successfully address this issue; it needed to be as automated as possible making it both easy to use as well as extremely cost effective. Artists and labels can leave it running, secure in the knowledge that their music is being protected, allowing them to return to the job of actually producing, marketing and releasing music!

VideoLock has continued to fight the battle against piracy in the UK and around the globe, ensuring continued and progressive results in protecting content for the film, television, and music industries. We deliver measurable results from effective processes to protect all of the hard work behind the small and big screens of the world!

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Digital piracy causes an estimated annual loss of £150m.

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